Fragile Beauty: Re-animate, Repair, Meld and Mend

Leslie Ferrin, Ferrin Contemporary
Bouke de Vries - Goddess of the Fragments
2:00 PM
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During the Gilded Age, Doris Duke did restoration work at Rough Point in Newport to repair the downstairs porcelain mishaps in her “cottage by the sea”. Now contemporary artists Paul Scott and Bouke de Vries are using these same processes in their artistic practice to intentionally compose shards (fractured ceramics) into contemporary sculpture.

Reuse or re-purpose, the trend of using available material to create contemporary art is worldwide. Seen as commentary on the beauty of decay, history or social issues, the repair and restoration in ceramics brings up the question of intent, value and permanence. Leslie Ferrin will introduce the artists and provide an overview that shows examples including images of works by Ai Weiwei and others who question our assumptions and convey message through the re-animation, repairing and mended ceramics.