Buy, Sell or Give? What Happens When the Kids Don't Want It

Leslie Ferrin & Panelists, Director and Founder Ferrin Contemporary
Maebyong Vases, Steven Young Lee
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Buy, Sell or Give? Leslie Ferrin, director, Ferrin Contemporary, specialist in ceramics from 1950 to the present, will present an illustrated introduction aimed at demystifying the de-accession process for both artists and collectors who fear what might happen to their collections if “the kids don’t want it.” For the generation who are “lightening their load”, there is a clear benefit to buyers and institutions who can now edit and build important collections of late 20th and early 21st century studio craft and design. Following the introduction Ferrin will introduce the Craft Legacy Project, a long term national program will be joined by curators and art professionals involved for a question and answer period.

Martha Vida, ‎Founding Director, The Marks Project
Daniel Farrell, Fine Art Appraiser and Consulting Producer of The Antiques Road Show
Ulysses Grant Dietz, Chief Curator, Newark Museum
Lark Mason, iGavel Auctions and Lark Mason Associates