Add Pioneering Instagram Story Tricks For An Innovative Advantage!

Instagram is probably the most popular social media platform of this age. Instagram has continuously renewed its platforms by adding new features to it. One of the most appealing and engaging features of Instagram is the Instagram Stories. These stories stay in your account for 24 hours from posting it. You can now add them to your profile highlights as well if you want to keep them permanently to your account.

As per Many businesses use this feature for driving traffic to their landing page, for brand awareness, engagement and updates. Owing to the visual appeal of the platform, Instagram stories need to have a creative edge. Let us look at five tips that will enable you to make eye-catching Instagram stories.

  • Sequence your stories

Let your Instagram story tell a tale. Let the information come in a sequence that will keep the viewer hooked on and stimulate them to tap on the next story to get the complete information. This way of storytelling leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. You can also sequence pictures without any text for an innovative way of conveying your message. 

  • Include engaging story effects

Story effects are the most recent inclusion on Instagram. It has become trendy among users. Make your own effect as a brand or use existing effects that will make your story even more pleasing and fetching. You can also have little games on your stories using these effects that will really create engagement for the users. Save various exciting effects to your account when you come across them for quick access later on.

  • Use the Halo effect

If you wanna gain more attention to your posts then getting automatic instagram likes service is a useful tool you can utilize. Use the neon effect to draw a halo around the object you want your viewer to pay attention to in the story. This effect is very attractive and pleasant to the eyes. It effortlessly captures the viewers’ attention to the primary object in the story. You can use various colors from the panel for your neon effect according to the picture you are using in the story.

  • Add Question Stickers

A very effective way of interacting with viewers on Instagram Stories is through the question stickers. Just post a question, and when people reply to that, you can repost their responses with your reaction as a story. The question and answer session can also be taken live on Instagram for creating real-time engagement with your audience. 

  • Use contrasting colors and gifs

Last but not the least, you should know that little decorations go a long way. Add a cool gif or a cool combination of contrasting colors to break the monotony for a user while going through scores of stories. Relevant and cool presentation of information generates easier brand recall for viewers. 

Utilize your Instagram stories to add value to your customers. Remember, innovation in any form is key to success. The small steps you take in making more appealing content keeps you ahead of the competition. These little ways help you a long way in becoming successful in this world of constant change.